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Q. Is our bear hunting and guide service a full-time operation or a sideline?
A. It as been our speciality for neely 40 years and it as always been our only ocupation

Q. Are our guides knowledgeable and skilled?
A. I would say that after more than 35 years of tracking down wounded bears, finding what they like best, their behavior, where to set up our treestand depending on the kind of weapons the hunter are using, the temperature, the wind, and the knowledge of our territory. We take every thing in account that these 35 years have shown us and this makes us the leader in bear hunting.

Q. What is our success rate?
A. We check baits every day and most importantly, keep a record of all the baits getting hit. We also check out on the sizes of the bear coming in and going back - also we keep track of sow (female) with young one. After making a list of 10 best baits we take the final decision as where to place our hunters. We put the bait in 5 gallons bucket the bait used is fresh to attract the gigantic animals.

What is the acomodation facility avalable
A. It is the Auberge de la Gatineau a beauteful resort

Q. Do we check the bait on a regular basis?
A. We check the bait EVERYDAY. This is the difference between us and others who do bear hunting as a side line. I keep a record of all the baits getting hit, what is the size of bear, where they are coming from, where they are going, the detection of the wind generally in that area (this help me to choose were to put my treestand), what they like best, if there is a sow white cub in the area, and likewise. Only then, when my hunter come in depending on their weapon of choice I know where to put them

What is the duration of the hunt?
A. Our hunting plan are six days ( mostly evening). Six day plan is good,you will have great weather some day and other day the weather or the wind might not be the best. But during these six days definitely you will be able to shoot down a bear. It might also leave you some time to do some fishing if you want it.

Q. What is your choice of weapon?
A. 60% of Europeans and other American hunters use rifle and some also come equipped with shot gun, black powder and also a few crossbow.

Q. Is there any need for a vehicle?
A.Yes you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle (specially for rainy days) and if you have a quads (a 4 wheel bike) you can bring it (definitely it will be an asset).

Q. What do I do when I shoot a bear?
A. If you shoot down a bear you have the license to tag it. We will show you the process of tagging. Once you come back, it is our duty to pick up the animal with our quads. In case, the bear happens to go back into the woods, never go looking for it. Just try to make a note of what kind of sound the shot bear is making and in which direction it went. Just wait for 5 minutes and come back. In the evening (if it is early enough) or the next morning we will go together to the site. Since we have a rich experience in tracking it will not take much of a time to find the bear in the woods.

Q. What is the accommodation facility available?
A. The Domaine, our current site of operation is a beautiful resort with cabins that are fully equipped to provide ultimate guest comfort. You can expect first rate service here. There's both kitchen facility as well as a cafeteria with a spread of delicious menu. You get more information in the accommodation section. Enjoy good hunt, good food and good rest here.

Q. Do we provide a hunting checklist?
A. Yes, we do. Have a look at our Hunters' Checklist.

Q. Do we provide discounted hunts?
A. Yes, we do... specially if you come in couples or in a big group. Check out our section on bear hunt price.

Q. What do our clients have to say about us?
A. Check out our Testimonial Section.